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Aerosol Fire-Extingushing systems FIREWALL

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Only the company that understands fire can handle fire properly!

Koryo Pyrotechnics has made foray into the fire and disaster management industry on the back of its accumulated technology through development and production of high-tech defense industry products in pursuit of self-defense since its inception in 1976.

The Korean government has set up the Green Growth policy and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer had been established. In that note, the wet chemical agents of halon substance are set to be banned completely from 2010. This is the clear sign that the local and overseas’ attention towards the environment is shifting greatly, leading to a sweeping change across the industry. “FIREWALL” is our answer to such call of the era.

 “Fire Wall” can be divided largely into the detection part and the main body of an extinguisher.

The main body of the extinguisher is comprised of a stainless steel outer cover and the interior container. Specifically, the interior container consists of 3 major parts, which are:

First, the core of “FIREWALL” – it’s SOLID Aerosol wet chemical agents!!

Second, it’s oxygen space that facilitates combustion of the solid aerosol wet chemical agents!!

Third, the wet chemical agents are sprayed by the self-pressure through combustion process. It thus requires chemical refrigerants that cool down the wet chemical agents.

As you might imagine, “FIREWALL” – combination of revolutionary fire-fighting method and advanced technology – offers numerous merits.

First, it is an environment-friendly product with zero Ozone Depletion Potential and Global Warming Potential.

Second, “Fire Wall” may seem compact in size, but is strong in its effect. “FIREWALL” cost about only 65g for fire-fighting in a space volume in contrast to other existing extinguishers that require at least 5 to 10 times the chemical agents.

Third, no cost for additional utility installment is needed for pressure vessels or piping because “FIREWALL” is being sprayed by itself through the combustion process of compound solid aerosol. Therefore, it poses no damage due to gas leak, not to mention easy installation and transport.

Fourth, FIREWALL is easy to dispose after fire-fighting. FIREWALL seldom leaves residuals after fire-fighting. You can clean it up completely just through natural ventilation.